Kryton Concrete A Waterproofing Solution

Kryton Concrete A Waterproofing Solution

Kryton International is a global manufacturer, specializing in Smart Concrete® technologies that are designed to reduce risk and improve the performance and durability of concrete for over 35 years.

Kryton has been recognized for the development of innovative products such as the award-winning waterproofing admixture Krystol Internal Membrane™, the integral concrete hardener Hard-Cem® for increased abrasion and erosion protection, Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensors, and Krytonite™ hydrophilic rubber waterstop.


  • Exclusive contract with GSCNC in NC, SC, and VA
  • Jointing and repair solutions for the best-in-class waterproofing protection and performance
  • Membrane free waterproofing solutions with a 25-year warranty.

Hard Chem Factsheet

KIM Factsheet

Krytonite Water Stop Factsheet